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How to resend invitation email
How to resend invitation email

Managers can resend invitations to Learners, Facilitators or Coaches from the course activation screen at any time.

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From the CREATE dashboard, find your course activation:
Click "All activations".

Search for the activation type you wish to find (All, Current, Past or Scheduled) and click go.

Find your Learner's activation in the list and click manage on the right-hand side.

You are now on the Activation Screen.
Click the access tab near the top.

You can resend your invitations from here.

Simply select the users you want to resend the invite to by ticking the box to the right of their name and then choose resend email invite from the action drop down at the top of the page.

Once you have selected the users and the action to Resend the email invite, click the update course button. 

You can see the status of all invites sent in the status column.

There are two possible statuses shown during this process.

When you resend an email invite to ANY user with any existing status:
Invite sent
Then after they reset their password and log in again:
Invite accepted

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