Creating a facilitation plan and template

Saving time by pre-planning and re-using your posts to talk channels or discussion forums.

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If you’ve facilitated a few online courses before, you’ll know there’s a bit of a pattern to the sorts of posts and comments you’ll be making – the welcome, weekly updates for each module, and so on. If so, you’ll also know it can save time if you re-use, but tweak some of the posts you use consistently. 

We recommend setting up a facilitation plan for each course. A week-by-week (or lesson-by-lesson) break down of when and why you’ll need to post including text that you can reuse to save time. Here's an example of what a facilitation plan might look like.

As each course will have different activities in different weeks, rather than break it down week-by-week, we’ve broken this article into categories of the sorts of things you'll be doing. That way you’re able to copy the sections into the relevant week for your course. We’ve also included some example text with square brackets [ ] where the text will need to have your particular details. 

Remember, the text examples are not prescriptive! Instead, we hope you might be able to use these as a starting point to fill out your own facilitation guide with text that you can re-purpose for each time the course runs.

The links below will take you to the relevant example text and templates.

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