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How to account for face-to-face assessment
How to account for face-to-face assessment

What to do if your course has a workshop or exam and you want to include the weighting and marks in iQualify

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We know that sometimes courses have face-to-face components that are part of the assessment for a course. Some common ones are exams, workshops, or attendance at tutorials. There is a way you can add a task in iQualify to make sure learners see all assessment components in their iQualify course.ย 

Let's take a look at a two quick examples.


Workshop options

You'll see in the workshop example above we've got a weighting of zero. So unlike where there is a weighting no weighting is displayed. This means you can still add a task that is a requirement, but it doesn't necessarily contribute to a learners grade. That is, learners have to show up, but the activity isn't marked or weighted as such.
Other options would be a fill in the blanks task where they need to enter their name to confirm or a file upload task where you need them to upload a signed document. There's a range of options.

The benefits of any of the described options are:

  • Learners can see all assessment components in their tasks list under Assessed.

  • Facilitators can record marks for online and offline assessments in the same place.


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