This article covers our new tasks. If you’re not yet using tasks in your course talk to your iQualify account owner to get them turned on for your organisation. 

Marking tasks in iQualify is easy. Simply go to the marking section available from the course menu.

Many tasks are auto-marked meaning you don't have to do anything. To view auto-marked results go to the assessed or non-assessed tab and open the task you want to view.

From here you can filter by completed/not-completed or search for an individual learner. Clicking on view will take you to their completed task where you can see their response and their mark (if assessed). 

Marking tasks
Some tasks need to be marked by a facilitator. To do this click on the mark button next to the task attempt you want to view. Here you can view the learner's submission, re-open attempts and provide a mark and/or feedback. 

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