This article covers marking tasks. For marking in legacy courses see How to give feedback on activities and How to view and mark assessments.

Marking tasks in iQualify is easy. Simply open the Class Console and go to the marking tab.

From here you have a huge range of sorting and filtering options as well as the search to make it easy to find what you're looking for.

When you open a task, you will be able to see the detail of any submissions.

When you View a learner's submission you can also, re-open attempts, or print the individual submission.

Automarked tasks

In the image above, we see this task was automarked. So you don't have to do any marking for these tasks.

Clicking View will take you to their completed task where you can see their response and their mark (if assessed). 

Manually marked tasks

Facilitators and coaches are able to mark manually marked tasks (non-assessed or assessed). For these tasks, you'll see a green Feedback or Mark button.

When you select Feedback/Mark, the submission will open where you can see:

  • The task

  • The learner's response

  • An area where they set the mark (e.g. complete, percentage) and can add feedback (e.g. text, audio, file).

Note: Tasks have different marking and feedback options depending on which marking template, the author chose when building the course.

Once you have marked a learner's submission you can either Save as draft or Publish.

Editing marks
Once published, if you need to edit a mark, simply click on the EDIT MARK button.

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