Creating a template course for your organisation

As an author you can flag a course as a template so other authors in your organisation can use it.

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Templates can be a useful tool to reduce repetitive work and also help ensure a consistent look and experience. As an author you can mark a course as a template to allow it to be displayed on the Templates tab for all your organisation's authors.  

Creating a course as a template

There are a couple of ways you can do this. 

When editing a course

  • Select Course settings.

    Screenshot showing Course settings selected in the horizontal menu.
  • Set the Template course toggle button to ON.

  • Save.

To make a template available to other authors it must be published. Under construction versions will not be visible.

On the Templates tab on the Create dashboard

  • Select  + Add a template.

  • Search or scroll to find the course you want to make a template. You can search by the course name or a ContentID. Only courses you are an author on will be available.

  • Select your course and then click ADD. All authors in your organisation will now see this course on the templates tab.

As the author, or one of the authors, you will see the course on the templates tab and your courses tab.

If you duplicate a course that you have made a template it doesn't retain the ON template toggle and you will need to use one of the ways above if you want to make it a template.

Editing a template

You may want to make updates to your template from time to time. This is done by the author editing the version available on their Courses tab and republishing. The under construction version is not made available to other authors until it is published. Once published the new version will display on the templates tab and the last published date will be updated at the bottom of the card.

Note: When you republish, the updates you've made will not be retrospectively applied to courses made based on earlier versions of the template. 

Removing a course template

You might change your mind or a new template might replace one of your existing ones. In that case you may want to remove one of your course templates. There are a few different ways that  you can do this:

Using the trash can icon

  • Find the template you want to remove from the Templates tab.

  • Click on the trash can icon on the top right-hand side.

  • This template course card will be removed and no longer be visible to authors.  

  • This course will still be available to any authors on their Courses tab.

Updating the course settings when editing a course

  • Select Course settings.

  • Set the Template course toggle button to OFF.

  • Save.

  • Publish the course.

Archiving the course

If a course that is a template is archived by an author this will also remove it from templates tab.

If you need a bit of advice check out our article What should go in a template course.

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