As a facilitator you can choose to reopen or reset a learner's submissions depending on whether the submission has been marked or not.

If you REOPEN a submission this allows learners to edit their current submission and then resubmit it.

If you RESET a submission it gives learners another attempt. Their original submission will be retained. You cannot reset a submission until it has been marked.

Reopening Submissions

When a learner has submitted a manually marked task and it has not been marked yet, facilitators get an option to REOPEN before marking the submission.

Reopening a submission:

  • returns the submission to draft state (all files are retained)

  • removes the submission from the marking view because it is no longer ready for marking

  • notifies learners that the task has been reopened

  • lets learners update their existing submission

Uploaded files are retained in the learner view only for them to review, edit, remove or add to prior to resubmitting. These are no longer visible from the marking modal.

The learner's submission reverts to Not started when reopening is successful.

Resetting Submissions

When a learner has submitted an assessed task and it has been marked (automatically or manually), facilitators have an option to RESET the submission.

Resetting a submission:

  • notifies the learner the task has been reset

  • allows the learner a new attempt via in-app chat (and via email if subscribed to email updates).

  • Retains the submission in the marking view.

A record of all past submissions are retained and visible to both learners and facilitators.

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