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Leaners can message their facilitator for support with their learning.

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As a learner, you can send a message to the facilitator(s) of your course to get some support.

Note: Not all learning providers enable this feature so it may not be available for your particular course.

Screenshot to locate Facilitator support channel

You’ll find this feature under Talk > Private channels > Facilitator support. As this is a private channel, any messages in Facilitator support are seen only by you and your facilitator(s).

To post a message, select Facilitator support to open it.

There you’ll see any previous messages you’ve sent. You'll also be able to start an entirely new message.

To start a new message, select Post something and construct your message.

When you’re happy with your message, select Post to send it to the facilitator(s) of your course.

As a learner, you’re automatically subscribed to get email updates (to your email that is associated with iQualify provided) about posts to this private channel.

Note: You also need to make sure you’ve allowed us to send emails in your My account (in the menu under your avatar).

You can unsubscribe at any time by selecting the Stop email updates button.

Note: For Private channels (facilitator Support) you have to subscribe/unsubscribe individually, Apply to all channels is only applicable for Public channels.

If you unsubscribe, you’ll still see that there is a new unread message because Talk will show a green notification dot.

Screenshot showing how in-app notification appears for new posts as a green dot to the right of the Talk icon.

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