What do your learners see?

Want to know what your learners see in iQualify, then read on!

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It can be helpful to know what your learners see when looking at their course in iQualify, compared to you as their facilitator.

So, what do they see?

The courses you have on your dashboard will look exactly the same for you as they do for learners except yours will have a light blue facilitate button. Once looking at the course content you will see the same view as a learner.

As a facilitator you will have an extended view - with the ability to see a social note feed and an additional class icon in the side navigation. You may also have a + Add to this course icon allowing you to add an LTI application or webpage integration if these have been set up for the course by an offering manager. 

The overview page is no longer available in the side navigation, however you can still access the overview page by clicking on the breadcrumb link from the top of any content page.  

A learner will only see the class icon if they've been assigned to peer-review another students' work and will only see the LTI or webpage icon if a facilitator has added one to the course.

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