There are a number of roles in iQualify and people can have multiple roles depending on the tasks they need to perform.

Roles in iQualify

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Account owner

An account owner has access to the Account Settings part of iQualify where they can manage settings at a company level and personalise their LMS. For example they can configure available features, manage their brand and integration options. The account owner is also responsible for authorising access for new authors and offering managers. A company can have more than one account owner.


An author has access to create, view, publish and maintain content (including assessments) and courses in iQualify. They can also invite reviewers and/or other authors to collaborate with them on their courses. Authors can only edit courses they have created or have been added to by another author.

If your account owner has enabled Class management under feature settings then as an author you will get the choice whether you want to set up an activation when you publish for the first time. See Class management for facilitators for more information.


A reviewer can review and comment on courses they have been invited to collaborate on by an author. They cannot edit or publish courses. An author of one course can be  a reviewer of a different course simultaneously.  If a course is in a published state reviewers no longer have review access to that course but they can view the content.  If the course is put back under construction review access is restored but comments made on the previous version are no longer visible.


A manager can create activations (classes) from the courses that authors have created and published. They can set dates and customise course settings such as social channels or course overview information. Managers can also manage learner, facilitator, coach and peer evaluator access. 


A facilitator is assigned to a class and has access to a dashboard where they can view the progress and assessments of their learners. Facilitators can also mark assessments and engage with learners using a range of social tools.

Main Facilitator

A main facilitator is created either by a manager choosing to add them as a main facilitator when creating an activation or as part of the process of an automatic course activation. See Class management for facilitators for more information.

A main facilitator can manage their class by updating dates and adding and removing learners, other facilitators and coaches.

Peer Evaluator

A peer evaluator is a role assigned to a learner who can provide feedback on another learner(s) assessment. 


A coach can review and grade learner assessments and provide feedback. A coach also has access to the course content in the same way a learner does. They receive notifications when learners they are allocated to submit assessments or respond to activities.

In addition they can review and provide feedback and/or a mark on peer evaluations.

The following articles have more information about the individual roles:
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