When facilitating a course, it is important to be able to keep track of where your learners are at. 

Learner progress can be tracked from Class console in iQualify.

Here you'll see a list of all learners in the course. You have a range of options to filter and sort learners.

The progress percentage increments each time the learner visits a content page in the course for the first time, or completes a non assessed or assessed task. To get to 100% a learner must have visited every page, and completed every task.

In Class console

The progress tile shows a learner's overall progress percentage. When you hover over their progress, you'll see it comes up with View charts. Click to see the engagement charts for that learner.

Understanding the Engagement charts

The engagement graph plots the number of times each learner has taken part in certain events (such as viewing a page or submitting a task) compared to the class average.

Events are grouped into three categories - Content, Assessment and Social.

You can view all or filter to only show active events. Active events are those which require the learner to actually do something for example submitting a task or posting in a talk channel, compared to just viewing a page.

How is progress calculated

Progress in a tasks course is quite simple. Each page, regardless of the length and content, is given an equal value. 

  • For example viewing a page with no tasks would equal 100% page complete and give you a progress rating of 1/X pages in the course.

  • Viewing a page with five tasks and completing all five tasks would equal 100% page complete and would give you a progress score of 1/X pages in the course

  • Viewing a page with five tasks and completing 4 would equal 80% complete and would give you a progress score of .8/X pages of the course.

Progress is tracked as pages are viewed and tasks are completed. This is then displayed both for learners on their course dashboard and for facilitators on the class tab and individual learner pages.

Task courses
Things that don't contribute to the progress calculation:

  • Externally hosted activities that are embedded into iQualify 

  • Viewing embedded videos

  • In-page discussions 

  • Activity in talk channels

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