The Class Console lives on your menu when you're inside a class you're a facilitator or coach for.

The Class Console only applies to courses using Tasks.

To show you all the Class Console has to offer, we'll need to look at the three key parts:

Each part has a slightly different focus/purpose.

The banner

The dropdown in the banner allows you to easily switch between courses. No more navigating back out to your main dashboard!

The tiles

The intention of the tiles is to show you key information at a glance.

  • The tiles relating to who is in the course (Learners, Facilitators, Coaches) will let you either view (if you're a facilitator) or edit (if you're a main facilitator).

  • The Duration tile shows you how long the class is open for (as a main facilitator you can edit the dates).

  • The Most days without progress tile shows you which learners have gone the longest time without an increase in their progress. This can be useful for spotting learners that might need support or encouragement to re-engage. Selecting View takes you to the Learners tab with the list already filtered.

  • The Tasks to mark tile shows you if there are any facilitator-marked assessed tasks ready for you to mark. Selecting Mark takes you straight to the Marking tab with the list already filtered ready for you to jump in and mark.

  • The Pulses and Insights tiles will take you to the relevant tab (if turned on for your organisation).

  • The Badge tile will let you view badge information including how many learners in the class have earned the badge.

The tabs

The tabs show the key areas where you'll do a deeper dive of actions or analysis.


Under Learners you can quickly see key information such as: progress, tasks completed, comments added, and badge status.

You can also search, filter, sort and choose how many learners to show per page.

Selecting either of the task buttons (non-assessed or assessed) will take you straight to where you can view (and mark) tasks for that learner.


Under Marking, you are able to mark by task as opposed to by learner.

By default, tasks are ordered by marking status (those tasks awaiting feedback at the top) but as with the learners tab, you have options for searching, filtering and sorting to organise the view how you want depending on what's important to you at the time.

For instance, you might like to filter to show only those tasks Awaiting marking.

Opening up a task lets you drill into the detail of learner submissions and mark submissions.


Under the Pulses tab you can review the results of any pulses you've sent this class activation.


Under Insights you'll be able to view graphs relating to learner activity in this class activation.


We think the best way to get to know what's available in the Class Console is to explore it - banner, tiles, tabs and all! When released, there will also be a tour for facilitators and coaches to show the main parts of the Class Console.

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