Review and personalise the course overview

Course authors can edit the course overview to make it relevant for their use and context.

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As an author, you can create and edit the Overview for a course. Managers can overwrite this overview for specific class activations if required.

Where do learners see the Overview?

Learners can get directly to the overview by selecting Overview on their course card.


Once in a course, they can also see the overview via Overview in the left menu.

Where do facilitators see the Overview?

Facilitators can get directly to the overview by selecting Overview on their course card.

Or, when in the Class Console, they can select the name of the course to be taken to the overview for that course.

How do I edit the Overview?

When you are in the main course editing view, head to Overview.

Review the existing overview, then type into the text box and/or use the toolbar to edit the content as needed.

Screenshot highlighting the editing toolbar at the top of the overview.

When you're finished, select the green down arrow to save and continue.

Screenshot highlighting the Save and continue green arrow at the very bottom of the course overview text box.

Remember, you will need to Publish the course (last item in the left menu) if you want these changes to be immediately visible to live classes using this course.

Do I have to edit the overview?

Not at all. You should review the existing overview to make sure all the details fit how you will be using and supporting the course (especially any assessment details). But if it is all correct, you are not required to change it.

Editing the Overview in the class activation details

In iQualify people with manage access can create class activations (where you set up dates, learners, facilitators etc. for the class). Classes are linked to courses for all content, but they're their own distinct thing (see A guide to courses and classes in iQualify for an explanation of the distinction between a course and a class).

While the overview can be edited for all classes by the course author editing the "base" course, the overview for a particular class can also be edited by a manage user. See Editing the details of a class activation for detail on all the details that can be updated for a particular class.

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