This article covers our legacy activities. If you want to use new tasks in your course talk to your iQualify Account owner however note that peer evaluation is not yet available in Tasks.

Peer evaluation allows your learners to provide feedback on each other’s assessments. This gives them the opportunity to use their judgement and interpersonal skills to provide their peers with constructive feedback and/or an assessment grade. The evaluation they provide can: 

  • Be a written comment

  • Indicate competence or completeness with a pass or fail grade 

  • Be a set grade (for example B+ or 85%)

Facilitators and coaches can then provide a mark and feedback on the peer evaluation, if they wish.

If you're keen to add peer evaluation into your course but aren't sure where to start, there are a bunch of good resources on how to incorporate peer assessment that you may wish to check out.

Getting started

To set up peer evaluation, click on the access tab in Manage. Here you can assign learners to each other by clicking on the + button under either the Evaluates or Evaluated by columns.

Next you need to decide which assessments you want to peer evaluation to be turned on for. To do this click on the assessments tab, select the relevant assessment(s) and tick the Peer Evaluators box.

Once you've set this up and activated your course, every learner who is also an Evaluator will get their own Marking section accessible via the Class icon in the course menu. They will be notified when an assessment is ready for marking and can either follow the link in the notification to access it or go in via the Marking icon on the course menu.

Like with other assessments, once the peer evaluation is submitted, learners will be notified. Peer evaluation will also connect to any services you've set up to receive assessment events.

Other resources you may find useful

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