This article covers our legacy activities. If you’re using tasks check out How to activate a course or update a current activation. If you want to use tasks in your course talk to your iQualify Account owner.  

You can review the set up for course assessments before activation by clicking on the Assessments tab.

Course assessments are created in Create by course authors and cannot be changed when activating a course. However, you can click on the cog for each assessment to edit the instructions and replace/add to the supporting files provided.

You can also: 

  • Review and update the assessment overview text

  • Change the marking method between competency based (i.e. complete or non-complete) or  free text (i.e. allowing the marker to provide a grade i.e. B+ or 78%)

  • Allow coaches and/or peer evaluators to provide assessment feedback 

  • Add in a mark type/number. These fields can be filled with any identifiers which you'd like to assign to a particular assessment. These can be useful if you're integrating with our API.

Add a coach to a learner
Peer evaluation

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