How to create a practice quiz

Course authors can create quizzes so that learners can check their knowledge of the course content

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This article covers our legacy quizzes. If you’re using tasks check out Add a quiz to your course. If you want to use tasks in your course talk to your iQualify Account owner.  Not sure if you are using a legacy or tasks course?  Read our article to find out.

To create a quiz:

  1. Navigate to Content on the side menu, and click the cog button on the section/subsection where you want to insert your quiz. 

  2. Select Add quiz from the drop-down list

  3. Type the title of your quiz in the new field and then click the green check mark to save.

  4. Click the cog button next to the quiz and select Preview/edit from the drop-down list.

  5. Click the Insert quiz button to start creating your quiz. 

6. Fill in the Title and add any Instructions for learners and ensure the quiz is set to Practice.

Creating your CSV file:

  1. Quiz questions must be uploaded in a "CSV (Comma Separated Values)" file. 

  2. Before you create your quiz we recommend you read our guide to creating your CSV file

  3. We have also provided a template CSV which you can fill in and then upload into iQualify.  There is also an example CSV available, you can find both of these in the Quiz questions area when creating your quiz.

  4. For a practice quiz all fields on the template must be completed

  5. Once you are happy with your CSV file upload it into iQualify by clicking on Choose file 

Number of questions per theme

The Number of questions per theme that a learner is assigned in the quiz can be controlled. You can set the number of questions displayed to a learner in each theme. This allows you to create a bank of questions that are defined by themes, to differentiate the questions that each individual learner is presented. The text box can be left blank if you wish to ask all the questions included in your CSV file.

When creating the CSV file it is important to note that the themes determine the number of questions that will be asked, for example if 8 questions are asked with 4 themes the total questions will be 4. For example if you wish every question to be individually asked make sure you have a theme for each question.  This can be a number for each e.g 1, 2, 3 ...

You should then see a box as shown below that confirms the number of questions and themes. More information about themes can be found in the guide to creating your CSV file

In this example the learner will be presented with 4 questions - 1 from each theme. Click Save. You will then see this confirmation screen.

Practice quizzes with diagnostics turned on can be set as a Knowledge check quiz by the author. This makes the diagnostic quiz available for learners before starting the course content, and it's available directly from the course home. This is managed in the Content tab, using the drop-down list next to the Knowledge check quiz header.

You can now select  Preview quiz.  Please note that this is not what the learner will see.  As an author you will see all the questions you have created in your CSV, along with a tag that displays any themes you have added. The correct answer(s) for each question (as set up in your CSV) will show highlighted in blue.

If you need to make any adjustments, you can update your CSV file by clicking Edit quiz and uploading your new file.

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