Pulses are a great way of checking in with your learners to see how they are feeling about their study, about a particular topic or assessment, or to run a poll.

You can create a pulse for any course you’re facilitating. Simply click on the pulse icon available in the top navigation panel throughout iQualify. 

Select the course you wish to run the pulse for and give it a name. Pulses are reusable, so the name will allow you to find it again in future. The name won’t be visible to your learners.

You can run three types of pulses:

  • Text response
  • Multi choice 
  • Spatial 

You can run pulses at any time by selecting how long you’d like it to run for – minutes, hours or days. Once live, learners will be notified of the pulse and how long it will be available for. They can then go and answer it if they wish.

Responses are recorded and can be found under the Progress tab in the Learn section of iQualify. Learners in the course can see all pulse responses in in a graph without identifying how an individual learner responded.

As a Facilitator you can also download all Pulse responses from the Feedback and Marks tab.

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