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How do I open a company account?
How do I open a company account?
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To open a company account with Kernel, you'll need the following information:

  • the registered company name

  • the registered company address, and;

  • the company’s IRD number

Once you have this information ready, you will need to first complete our online company account application form. You can do so here.

This requires that all directors, beneficial shareholders and account authorisers have their identities verified, either through uploading certified identity and proof of address documents or via electronic verification using a phone number.

After completing the online company account application form, we will start processing the setup of the account. From here, we will be in touch should we require further information from you.

How will I know if my company application has been successful?

You will receive an email notification confirming the successful account opening, along with any relevant details for accessing and managing your account.

You can contact regarding the status of electronic verifications or to have requests resent.

What is a beneficial shareholder?

A beneficial shareholder is a person who ultimately and/or for whose benefit own a significant proportion of the company. A significant portion is normally considered to be 25%+.

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