Setup Disclaimers For Quotes, Invoices & Purchase Orders

How to create and add Disclaimers.

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You can create multiple Disclaimers which can be selected when you create a Quote, Invoice or Purchase Order on Klipboard.

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Getting Started

To create a Disclaimer for a Quote, Invoice or Purchase Order, simply navigate to Settings and select Accounting from the drop-down menu, as shown below.

At the bottom of each section for Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders, you have the option to add as many Disclaimers as you require for each document.

  • Select Add New Disclaimer then enter the Name of the Disclaimer so you can easily identify which Disclaimer to use when creating an Invoice/Quote/Purchase Order. 

  • The Description is where you describe the Disclaimer which will appear on  the actual invoice 

  • Select Update to Save. 

You can also Edit or Delete existing Disclaimers if required.

Selecting a Disclaimer on an Invoice, Quote or Purchaser Order

When creating an Invoice/Quote/Purchase Order, you will see the option within the Invoice/Quote/Purchase Orders template, as highlighted above to select a Disclaimer. From the dropdown menu, simply select the name of the Disclaimer you wish to add to your document.

PDF Template Style

You can choose the design settings for the PDF style for your quotes and invoices. The PDF design has four options for you to choose from:

  • Modern.

  • Classic.

  • Modern (plus optional fields: Description, Contact & Created by)

  • Classic (plus optional fields: Description, Contact & Created by)

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