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Setup Quote, Invoice & Purchase Order Templates

Format Quote, Invoice & Purchase Order Template Design

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Navigate to Settings > Accounting

You can manage the styling of Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders to maintain consistency with your own branding. You can also specify the start numbers for your Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders to ensure continuation with any you managed previously outside of Klipboard.

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Start Numbers

To specify your associated start numbers select from the respective drop-down options. Please note that Klipboard will always default one number higher than the last recorded number value within Klipboard.

PDF Template Style

You can choose the design settings for the PDF style for your quotes and invoices. The PDF design has four options for you to choose from:

  • Modern.

  • Classic.

  • Modern (plus optional fields: Description, Contact & Created by)

  • Classic (plus optional fields: Description, Contact & Created by)

You can select the colour of the PDF Header and Styling Colours and also preview your styling options by selecting the PDF previewer. Please note any updates you make will only show if you have saved your changes.

Display Options

You also have the option to enable/disable quotes, invoices and purchase order options such as showing QTY associated with line items or unit cost by selecting the appropriate tick box.

Lastly, you can also add disclaimers or payment advice by adding text into the respective boxes.

Once you have made your required updates, click the save button.

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