Creating an Individual Client Asset

Setup an individual asset, including servicing costs, etc

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With Klipboard you can easily manage and maintain any asset type for your customer. Our extensive Asset Management capabilities on the web and mobile app allow for asset surveying, asset registering and maintaining of assets on a pre-planned servicing schedule at multiple customer locations.

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Creating an Individual Client Asset

To create an Asset for a Client you will need to:

  • Navigate to the Client in question.

  • Click on the Asset tab.

  • Click on the New Asset button.

  • Within the Asset Details form you will need to complete Client, Sub Location and Asset Name as these fields are mandatory.

  • If a field includes a spanner symbol to its right this means you can customize your own drop-down values for that particular field.

  • Simply select the spanner symbol and enter the particular Name and select Add to finish. Close to finish and return to the form.

Once all of the required information has been entered, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the Asset.

QR Code Tagging

Klipboard will automatically generate a unique QR code for any asset created within Klipboard. To learn more about how to tag your client's assets or scan existing assets, choose from one of the following:

Setup Invoicing For Asset Servicing

If the Asset is Chargeable you can switch the toggle to Yes and specify the Service Unit Cost and Tax Rate. Any Assets which are chargeable will automatically be added to any raised invoices upon Job completion.

You can also allow the mobile app user to choose any inventory products or services used on the Service Record for that Asset.

Any Products or Services used on the Service Record for that Asset will automatically be added to any raised invoices upon Job completion.

Once you have completed all the data fields you require select Save

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