Create a PPM Schedule for an Individual Asset

Setup a PPM Schedule for a single Client Asset

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For Assets which require a PPM Service Schedule set to a particular frequency and over a period of time, you are able to create a PPM Schedule to manage the services. 

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Create a PPM Schedule for an Individual Asset

To create a PPM Schedule for an individual Asset (if more than one Asset please see the following article here), navigate to the client in question then select the particular Asset and click on Create New Schedule. 

You can then complete the form which allows you to set Service Date & Time, set Reminder Emails for a Contact, recur the Service and set a stop date for the Schedule.


When you select Save the Schedule it will then create the Service Records that will be requiring completion based on the recurring frequency set. The Service Records will be located under the Service Records tab for that Asset.

Delete a PPM Schedule

To delete a PPM Schedule, navigate to the PPM scheduler for the Asset in question and click on the Delete button beside the PPM schedule you wish to remove. The associated Service Records for that schedule and that have not been completed for the Asset will be deleted and the PPM schedule removed.

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