Managing Your Product Inventory, Stock Levels and Services (Parts, Stock, Labour etc)

Setup any Products, Parts, or Services for use on Quotes, Invoices, Purchase Orders & Workflow Forms

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The Inventory section lets you store and maintain all of your company Products (or parts) and Services (labour, rates, etc).

Navigate Inventory > Settings

Set Minimum Stock Level Alert

Here you can set a default inventory unit alert so you are notified when your minimum stock level reaches an amount of your choosing.

Set Inventory Stock Locations (Vans, Warehouses, etc)

You can also set a default inventory location for your stock or add additional locations by clicking on the "Add new location" button and entering a name and description of the new location and pressing save. Once this is done you can then allocate stock to that location.

Adding Inventory Products

Adding your products and services to your inventory couldn't be easier. You can manually add them from the dashboard on a case-by-case basis, or you can bulk upload them using our CSV upload, depending on your requirements.

Manually adding a Product or Service

Go to the Inventory section and select Products or Services, depending on what you want to add.

When you select Add new Product / Service a sidebar will appear for the following information:

  • Product / Service code: A unique identifier for the line item.

  • Name: The name of the line item.

  • Description: A description of the line item.

  • Unit Cost: The cost that you pay for the line item.

  • Unit Sell: The cost to your customer for the line item.

Along with the options above, the Products section also lets you gather additional information that can help you manage and maintain your inventory:

  • Supplier: Select the supplier that the product has been ordered from.

  • Stock Levels & Locations: You can allocate the stock to a certain location I.e., Warehouse, Van stock etc, as long as you have your stock locations added to klipboard.

Bulk Importing Inventory Products or Services

To import your Inventory Products: Navigate to Inventory > Products > Import Products


To import your Inventory Services: Navigate to Inventory > Services > Import Services.

When the pop-up wizard appears, select Download CSV file. This is an import template to which you have to format your data.

There are instructions within the import template, please follow these carefully.

Once you have formatted your import file select Choose file > Select File and attach the formatted CSV file of your Products/Services.

Please note for any subsequent bulk imports, we will leave unchanged any existing data. We advise that subsequent imports only contain new data. To update existing data, you will need to update each record individually

The Products Dashboard

You can view and manage your products on Klipboard from the Products dashboard (below) that can be accessed by going to Inventory > Products.

You can search for any specific product by name or product code using the search box provided. The main information displayed on the dashboard is as follows:

  • Product Code: The unique identifier you have assigned to the product.

  • Name: The name of the product.

  • Unit Cost: The cost that you pay for the line item.

  • Unit Sell: The cost to your customer for the line item.

  • Actual Count: The total amount of this item that you have in stock at all locations combined.

  • Allocated Count: The total amount of this item that you have assigned to jobs.

  • Stock Alert: This will display as a green tick, long as your Actual count is above your default inventory unit alert level, and an exclamation mark will alert you if the stock level is equal to or below your default value.

You can amend information that is displayed on the dashboard by clicking on the icon beside any of the dashboard columns and selecting the required data. Once you refresh or leave the page then the columns will return to the default options.

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