Allocate Products or Services (Parts, Stock, Labour, etc) To A Job

How to add products or service to a job when creating a new job on the web dashboard

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You can assign Products & Services when creating a job. This will inform the mobile app team members exactly what is required for the job, but it will also allow you to keep an accurate record of the stock you have available and the stock that is allocated to existing jobs.

  • For more information on setting up your Product & Services as well as setting up Stock Alerts click Here.

Allocating Products & Service When Creating A New Job

When creating a new job you will have the option of allocating Products or Services at the bottom of the New job page. Please note that this opinion is only available when the Client has been selected.

  • For an overview of creating a new job click Here.

The toggle of this option will default to No. Switch the toggle to Yes and a sidebar will appear giving you the option to "Add Item".

To add Products or Services to the job, click "Add Item". You can then select the Product or Service from inventory by pressing arrow. Or alternatively you can free type in the name or description of the Product or Service.

This step can be repeated until all required Products & Services are associated with the job.

Products & Services Allocated When A Quote Has Been Converted To New Job

Quotes that have been converted to a new job will automatically allocate the required products and services, along with quantities to the job being created. Therefore the Products & Services side bar panel will be pre-populated with the relevant details.

Job Overview: View Products & Services Allocated & Quantity Used

Jobs in Assigned or In Progress status can be viewed and the Products & Services will show the allocated quantities accordingly on the job overview screen:

Jobs in Pending or Completed status can be viewed and the Products & Services will show the allocated quantities versus what was actually used on the job accordingly:

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