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How to accept mobile payments in person using Scan & Pay
How to accept mobile payments in person using Scan & Pay
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When you are at a job and Stripe payments is activated on your Klipboard account, you will have the ability to select Scan & Pay as a payment method. This lets your clients pay immediately in person on their mobile device, using Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, or their credit card.

With Scan & Pay, your Klipboard mobile app generates a QR code for an Invoice that has been created. This QR code can then be scanned by your client with their mobile device. A screen will then appear on their device prompting them to make a payment.

Note that you must have Stripe connected to your Klipboard account and that team member permissions have been activated for Invoicing on the mobile app.

Activate Stripe

If you have not connected Stripe please see this article first which will show you how to setup: How do I connect Klipboard to Stripe?

Grant Mobile App Access Permissions For Invoicing

On the web dashboard, navigate to Manage Team > Edit Team Member > Access Permissions > Mobile app

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Generate a QR code for invoice mobile payment:

Once a team member has the relevant mobile app permissions for Invoicing, they simply need to follow the steps below to collect payment on the app:

  • Within a job a field team member can create an Invoice for that specific job by tapping 'Create Invoice', completing the relevant fields and pressing 'Save'.
    If the job was converted from a Quote, it will automatically pull all the relevant line items from the Quote into the Invoice, along with any other additional items that may have been added during the job.

  • For immediate payment, team members can now choose "Scan & Pay" and a QR code will appear. You can now hold your device up for your client to scan the code with the camera on their mobile device. It will then open a payment screen on your customer's mobile device

  • Once your client has paid, you will receive a message on the Klipboard mobile app confirming payment. This message will be displayed in the Messages section of the mobile app Do not worry if you close your screen before your client has paid, you will still receive the message when the payment has been received.

  • Alternatively if you wish to issue an invoice with a payment link you can simply email the invoice with the payment link included


What your client sees when using Scan & Pay

When your client scans the QR code with their camera, their mobile device will give them a prompt to open a link in their browser. The client should tap this prompt.

The client will see a payment amount and a payment mechanism (Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Android Pay, depending on their mobile device). They can either tap the Pay button or they can enter their credit card details manually. Their mobile payment will process based on their preferences.

Once their payment has been processed, the client will see a Paid message and will receive an emailed copy of the paid invoice.

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