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Scheduling Instagram Stories
Scheduling Instagram Stories

Learn how to use the Direct and Manual Publishing methods to schedule Instagram Stories with Kontentino

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Great news! Instagram finally changed its API limitations for auto-publishing Instagram Stories. So, what exactly does it mean for you? It means you can now sit back and relax, as Kontentino takes care of publishing your Stories automatically.

In this article, we will explain both of the publishing methods (Direct and Manual), their pros and cons, and the necessary media requirements for Direct Publishing.

Please note that Instagram currently allows any third-party tool to schedule a maximum of 50 posts per profile within a 24-hour period. This limit applies to any type of post (Story/Post/Reel/Carousel – each media in a Carousel counts as one post), and using the new version of our Calendar is required.

1. First steps

  • Your Instagram account has to be set to a Business account, as Instagram doesn't allow connecting Personal and Creator accounts. Learn how to do it in the first steps of this article.

  • Connect your Instagram profile to Kontentino.

    (Go to profile selector, click on “Add new”, choose Instagram, and select the profile you would like to connect. In case you're having any issues connecting your profile, try reading this article).

2. Direct Publishing

  • What is Direct Publishing?

Kontentino will publish your Instagram Stories automatically, which means all you have to do is upload your files and set up the posting time. There are several media requirements bound to this method, so make sure to see the criteria list below to learn more.

❗❗ Even though Instagram has changed its rules, some API limitations apply. The Direct Publishing method does not support several features, such as adding text, stickers, music, location, and other Instagram features. In case you wish to enhance your Stories further using these features, you can choose the Manual Publishing method instead.

  • How to publish Stories using the Direct Publishing method?

1. Create a new post

Select your Instagram social media profile in the Calendar and choose "New post", or click the "New" button and then choose "Post".

2. Select "Story". The Direct publishing method is automatically preselected

3. Upload your files

You can upload one or more media files (images/videos) either directly from your device or your Kontentino Media Library. Adding multiple media files allows you to create sequences. The selected media can be reordered by dragging and dropping.

Please take note of the following requirements when uploading your media.

Media requirements for Direct Publishing:

4. Set up the posting time and click the "Save" button

Simply choose the time you want your post to be published, hit the Save button, and Kontentino will do the publishing itself automatically once you click Schedule.

3. Manual Publishing

  • What is Manual Publishing?

    This method allows you to take a more creative approach, as you can customize your Story with texts, stickers, music, and other Instagram features once scheduled via Kontentino mobile app.

    When using this method, the Kontentino mobile app is required, as you will have to manually upload your Instagram Stories when notified via our push notifications.

  • If you don't have the mobile version downloaded yet, you can do so here:

  • How to publish Stories using the Manual Publishing method?

1. Create a new post

Select your Instagram social media profile in the Calendar and choose "New post", or click the "New" button and then choose "Post".

2. Select "Story" and choose the Manual Publishing method

3. Create your Story

Create your post as usual by adding text and media. Set the scheduling time and click the "Save" button.

Once you click the Save button, you will see that the Schedule button is disabled, and there is a message in the Post completion section informing you about manual publishing via the mobile app.

In case you already have the Kontentino mobile app downloaded and are logged in, you can skip to step number 5.

4. Open the mobile app and allow Kontentino to send you notifications

Now, open the Kontentino mobile app, log in to your account and allow Kontentino to send you notifications.

If you are using an Android device, allow Kontentino to access your media as well so you can download your prepared posts. (Depends on the type of device, but generally: Go to Device settings -> Apps -> Kontentino)

You can either log in with your credentials or use the QR code to access the app.

5. Schedule the Story

Returning to the post in Kontentino, you will see that the Schedule button is clickable, and there is a message in the Post completion section informing you about the publishing method you chose.

By clicking the Schedule button, you get a message informing you when the push notification will be sent and to whom. The push notification will always be sent 5 minutes before the scheduling time. You can change its recipient by clicking the three dots and then "Change user".

6. Publish the Story

Once you receive the push notification, open it, and you will be able to see the post.

Click "Publish to Instagram". This will download your media directly to your device, and the post text will be copied to your clipboard.

You will be redirected to Instagram, where all you have to do is click the arrow button to publish the Story. If you wish, you can enhance your story with all the features Instagram offers, such as adding text, music, stickers, location, tagging, etc.

If you have any questions or if you run into a problem, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support. 💬

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