Can I start working before my DBS check has completed?

Is it okay to start working with a family officially without a DBS and/or before I have completed the DBS application and Zoom call?

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This article has been written for the Koru Kids Nanny Service for nannies.

Our priority is always to keep kids safe, which is why your contract with the family who employ you requires you to return a satisfactory DBS check.

We'll send you all the details to get your check started as soon as you accept a job offer from a family, and we'll follow up regularly to keep you and the family informed on the progress of your check as it processes.

Most checks take around 10 days to complete, although it can sometimes take longer.

It's totally up to the family who employ you to decide if they prefer to wait for the check to complete before you start working, or if they will go ahead while the check processes.

If the family have questions about our DBS process, please ask them to contact us directly - we're always happy to help!

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