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Borzo provides on-demand delivery. Integrate with Borzo's API via Kosmo with your credentials and you will get:

  1. To retain your existing preferential rates with Borzo

  2. Reach out to Borzo directly for live order and post order support without a middle man

  3. Garner both the benefits of (1) and (2), while making full use of Kosmo's capabilities to help you better manage your deliveries, and gain access to more providers.

To obtain your Borzo's credentials, follow the below steps. More detailed description of each steps at the bottom of page.

Step 1: Create your Borzo account here

Step 2: Top up your wallet.

Step 3: Please fill up this form.

Step 4: Once you have completed the form, Kosmo will process the application for you and get your credentials activated within 5 working days.

Step 5: Set your Callback URL in Borzo's portal.

Step 6: Upon getting your credentials activated, submit your API token and Callback Token to Kosmo.

Step 7: Start placing orders with Kosmo!

Step 1: Create your Borzo account here (skip this step if you already have an account with Borzo)

Step 2: Top up your Borzo wallet via the steps below:

Step 2.a. Login to your Borzo dashboard and select "Add balance"



Step 2.b. Key in the amount you would like to top up and click "Top up"


Step 2.c. Proceed with payment in the payment page.

Step 3: Once you have created an account and top up your wallet, please fill up this form.

You will need the following details when filling in the form:

  1. Your registered phone number with Kosmo

  2. The country you wish to operate in

  3. Your email address

  4. Your Client ID with Borzo (see below on how to retrieve your Client ID with Borzo)

Step 3.a. To obtain your Client ID with Borzo, you will have to log into your dashboard and select "Settings"


Step 3.b. Select "Integrate with us!"


Step 3.c. Your client ID will be available as highlighted below :)


Link to the form here.

Step 4: Once you have completed the form, Kosmo will process the application for you and get your credentials activated within 5 working days. The reason why this takes time is because Borzo does not provide customers with production access directly.

Normally, you would be required to go through several weeks of testing to get integrated. But we shorten the process for you. No testing is required and you will get your production access approved in days.

Step 5: After production access approval, you will need to update your callback URL as shown below and click "Save". You will need to obtain your unique webhook URL from your Kosmo account manager. If you do not have an account manager, please feel free to send an email to and we will attend to you within one working day.


Step 6: After production access approval, you will have access to the API token in your dashboard under the "Integrate with us" section.


You will then need to submit the API token under Kosmo's provider management page as shown below. Please take note to select the correct country!


Step 7:

Now that you are done, you can start placing your orders via Kosmo. A few pointers below:

a. Please always top up your Borzo wallet to ensure that orders can be placed. In the event that the wallet is empty, orders will not be placed.

b. To ensure that the setup is working, you should be able to see the orders you placed via Kosmo in your Borzo order dashboard.

Hope you find this guide useful.

Feel free to reach out to or your account manager if you need more support!

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