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What is Boost and how do I get my hands on that?
What is Boost and how do I get my hands on that?

The simple guide on getting more bang for your buck.

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Wanting to know what Boost is? Look no further.

Boost let's shoppers spend above their Laybuy limit by adding the excess over their limit onto the first instalment. Think of it as a split payment, nicely handled entirely by the Laybuy checkout.

Boost will be automatically applied to your Laybuy account when the order value is greater than the limit you currently have available on your account.

Here's how it works:

  • You have a Laybuy available limit of $1,000 or £1,000 (depending on your country) but you want to make a Laybuy purchase of $1,400 or £1,400

  • Your first Laybuy payment due upfront will be $400 ($1,400- $1,000) or £400 (£1,400- £1,000) which is the order total minus your current available limit.

  • Your weekly repayments will then be $200 each. This is calculated as the available limit divided by 5 remaining payments.

For UK Residents: Laybuy is unregulated credit. Please use responsibly. T&Cs, eligibility criteria & late fees up to £24 per purchase apply.

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