I need to verify my address

Let's walk you through the steps to get verified. NZ only!

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Let's get that address verified so you can start using Laybuy. We've created a simple guide below to assist you with getting everything set up correctly.

  1. Follow the link in the "Please verify your address" email, or else submit it as part of the login process the next time you access your Laybuy account.

  2. Upload a screenshot of a PDF of a 3rd Party document that contains both your full name & address.

  3. You're all done! Our team will notify you once this has been reviewed.

Here are some examples of accepted Proof of Address:

  • Utility Bill

  • Bank Statement

  • Council/ Government Letter

  • Tenancy Agreement

  • Electoral Roll Papers

  • Insurance Policy Document

  • Vehicle Registration

Remember, this is only for New Zealand customers and is not required for other regions.

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