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I've returned my purchase, can I pause my payments?
I've returned my purchase, can I pause my payments?

Yes, yes you can. Let's show you how.

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We've now made it easier than ever to pause your payments while a refund is being processed. This is done through the app and is available on every order once you've sent the items back and are expecting a refund.

You can do this by following the simple steps below:

  1. Head to the purchases tab and select the order you wish to report as a return.

  2. Choose the Report return button.

  3. Press Confirm.

  4. All done! Your payments are paused.

Please ensure when you report the return that your items are in transit and are pending a refund. For any updates in regards to your refund, you'll need to contact the merchant directly as the processing is handled entirely by them.

Expecting a refund that never came? Send us a message and we can help further.

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