Using the Overtime feature

What is the Overtime feature and how do you use it?

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The Overtime feature is Llama Life's way of making sure that when a task takes longer than what you originally planned, you will still be able to capture that time.

It's available on both desktop and the iOS app.

How to use the Overtime feature:

  • You can turn Overtime on in Settings (on desktop via the cog located at the top left hand corner of the task manager. Or via the Settings icon in the tab bar in the bottom of the iOS app)

  • In Settings, you can also change the delay for the Overtime feature to start (Eg. 5 seconds here will mean the overtime will start 5 seconds after the allocated time for the task has ended)

  • Create a task by clicking on + Add task - Add a task title and time

  • Start your task by pressing the play button

  • When the allocated time has ended, you will see the Overtime feature pop up above the timer - it will start counting up

  • Dismiss your various alarms - if you're still working on your task, keep working, the Overtime feature is capturing this extra time

  • When you're finished with that task, you can either click on the Overtime feature above your timer, and then select to Add or Delete the extra time captured. If you selected Add, you will see this time has now been added to the total time worked on the task

  • OR you can click Complete whilst Overtime is running and capturing the extra time. This will move the task to completed, and it will now have a little red dot on the time spent. You can add or delete the extra time by clicking on this and selecting Add or Delete

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