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Using the digital countdown timer or pie timer

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Whilst working through your task, we have added a few options to help you be more aware of your time.

Available on desktop and the iOS app, you can select between the Digital countdown timer, or the Pie timer:

Digital countdown timer:

Starts counting down from your allocated time when you click the play button. You can easily add 5mins or minus 5mins to the time by the clicking the -5 and +5 options.

Pie timer:

You can change from the digital countdown timer to a pie timer in Settings.

To access settings, click on the cog located at the top left hand corner of the Main List and its the first option to toggle.

Our pie timer shows time in an absolute sense, meaning 10 mins will always look the same.

The Pie timer will be in the same color as the top (loaded) task. Or, if you don't have a color theme selected, you can change your Accent color via Settings.

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