In this article, you will be able to learn about how to troubleshoot when a post fails so you can prevent future posts from failing and also best practices that can decrease the number of failed posts.

Access Tokens

For Loomly to access your social accounts, it requires access tokens which authorizes Loomly to publish on your behalf.  These access tokens might expire for several reasons:  

  • Updated social account credentials
  • Explicit lifespans of an access token
  • Loomly losing permissions to publish such as revoked permission settings or connected profile no longer has Admin access
  • Social media platform updates

This is why you might have to reconnect your social accounts from time to time. 

📝 Note:  Loomly notifies you 7 days in advance when access tokens are about to expire. As soon as you receive our email, you should re-connect your social account to avoid any disruption in connection and failed posts.

For Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn

We recommend reconnecting accounts every 30-90 days for best practice as access tokens expire every 30-90 days.

If a post fails even after, we recommend following these in chronological order:

  1. Confirm that you are still Admin of the page
  2. Disconnect by hitting the red 'x' for the social media platform that failed, then connect 
  3. Revoke Loomly Access

For Twitter

Access tokens do not usually expire, but it happens from time to time when Twitter sees duplicate content or spam-like behavior in which case you will need to reconnect your account in Loomly.

For Pinterest or Google My Business

We do not see access tokens expiring for these channels, but there might be an instance where your access tokens expire, requiring you to reconnect. 

Other reasons

Of course, there are instances when posts fail, which can be caused for different reasons. 

We recommend troubleshooting soon after you receive a notification about a failed post to resolve the problem immediately after and to prevent other scheduled posts from failing. 

You can also check these articles which should help you troubleshoot: 

We often recommend reconnecting your accounts after any of these instances occur.

How to reconnect my account?

  1. Go to your Post View to see why your post has failed and on which platform.
  2. Reset the connection by hitting the red 'X' then connect your account for the platforms that failed. 

💡Tip: When connecting your Facebook account, make sure to accept all permissions asked by Facebook, including those related to your Profile.

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