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Everything you need to know about the Base Plan
Everything you need to know about the Base Plan
Learn more about Loomly's starter plan: the Base Plan
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The Base Plan in a nutshell

The Base Plan is Loomly's starter plan, ideal for smaller teams including a maximum of 2 collaborators, who manage up to 10 social accounts and need access to Loomly's core features.

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What is included in the Base Plan?

The Base Plan includes:

✅ Up to 2 users and 10 social media accounts

✅ Ad Budget Cap of $500

How to make the most of the Base Plan?

The Base Plan will give you access to Loomly's core features!

1. Create content through Loomly using Post Builder, Calendar View, Post Ideas, Hashtag Suggestions, and Library features.

2. Customize your calendars to choose the best options, set up Scheduling Slots and select an Approval Workflow.

3. Engage and reply to your audience with Interactions.

4. Measure your success with Basic Analytics. You can view an Analytics dashboard for essential engagement metrics or directly from Post View:

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 5 34 57 PM

5. Reach the audience that matters to your brand: Loomly lets you boost your most important posts with Post Sponsoring. All from the signature Loomly interface you know and love.

How much does the Base Plan cost?

Loomly offers monthly and yearly billing options, so you can choose what's best for you!

The Base Plan is available at $35/month when paid monthly or $26/month when paid yearly i.e. $312 paid upfront.

The monthly plan is charged every month, so you are only committing to the month you just paid and can drop out anytime! This is the most flexible option.

The yearly price is charged upfront and comes with a 12-month commitment to our services: as a reward for your commitment, you receive a 25% discount compared to the monthly price.

Learn how to use the Base Plan in this webinar!

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