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Join an Ongoing Activity
Join an Ongoing Activity

Learn how the Join an Ongoing Activity feature works to create one Session log with your Supporters who have Marathon Kids accounts.

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The Join an Ongoing Activity can be used by those who have a Marathon Kids account.

When someone or additional devices Join an Ongoing Activity all synced scans will go into one session log with that date and time in the Sessions table under the Participant tab.

Coach Instructions:

  1. Log into your account on the mobile app

  2. Select the Track/Activity.

  3. Tap Start Live Scanning.

  4. Tap the QR Code to allow volunteers to scan and join.

Select Track/Activity

Start Session, Tap QR Code

Volunteers Scan QR to Join

Supporter Instructions:

Step 1: Log in to the Scanner app.

Step 2: On the Run Club page, click Join An Ongoing Activity

Step 3: Scan the coach's QR code.

Now everyone is in one session and ready to scan!

At the end of the session, all devices need to:




Troubleshooting the Join Ongoing Session Feature

Note: WiFi or cellular data is required while the main device is sharing the QR code and the additional devices are scanning the Join Ongoing QR code. After the devices are joined, you don't need WiFi to scan ID cards.

If you receive an "Invalid Token" error message follow these steps to be successful:

Join Ongoing Session Token Expired:

This error message occurs on the device that is trying to Join an Ongoing session.

The coach who started the initial session will:

  • Stop the live session

  • Log out of the app, then log back in

  • Start a new live session

  • Then share the new QR to Join an Ongoing Session

The device that is trying to Join an Ongoing Session will:

  • Click the back arrow in the left corner

  • Then click Join an Ongoing Session to scan the new QR code the main coach provides.

This occurred because the main device had been logged in for more than 24 hours.

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