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How do I invite parents?
How do I invite parents?

Invite parents to follow their child's progress and submit miles from home.

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It's best to invite parents in bulk when you roster your participants especially if you have a large number of participants but you can invite them one by one any time during your season.

When you invite parents, they will be sent an email to create a Marathon Kids account which will allow them to see their child's progress and submit miles completed from home.

Invite parents in bulk

  • Upload Roster by including one parent's name and email

    • Use the Parent First Name, Last Name, and Email columns of the spreadsheet to include one parent's information

  • Recruit Tool automatically gives parents the option to create their account

    • After a parent completes the online enrollment form they are directed to check their mail for the invitation to create their account.

Invite parents one by one

To existing participants

  1. Select the Participants tab

  2. Use the table filters or search feature to locate the participant.

  3. Click More Info next to the child's name

  4. Enter parent name and email address

  5. Select Send Parent Invitation

When adding new participants

You can use Manual Entry to add parents when you first create your club or while adding a new participant after the club has been created.

  1. Click Participants

  2. Select Manual Entry

  3. Add the name of the new participant and enter the corresponding parent information

How does a parent create their account?

Steps a parent needs to take to create their account

  1. Parents receive an email from

  2. Parents fill out the information for their accounts.

  3. Check their email to validate their account.

  4. Log into their account to accept their role as parents of their child.

Then they are all set to follow their child's progress and submit miles to the coach for approval.

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