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Move-a-thon/Running Events
Move-a-thon/Running Events

Track those laps during a school Jog-a-thons or race events like Turkey Trots

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Many schools use Marathon Kids to track their Jog-a-thon, Move-a-thon, or School Runs (ie Turkey Trots).

We've created a list of things to consider as you prep for a successful event.

Prior to the Event

Create a Track

Create a track to be used for the event; even if it's the same space you regularly use.

  • This allows you to pull a report by that track to review the data for the event and celebrate achievements.


Make sure all participants have an ID card.

  • Participants can use the same ID cards they use for other Marathon Kids activities.

  • Manually add newly enrolled students then print those ID cards.

  • Confirm by reviewing a list of students in each class.

Review with participants.

  1. The track or running route

  2. Scanning ID cards

    1. Review how to scan

      1. Don't rush to scan. One of these things will happen:

        1. Hear the scanner app "bing"

        2. See your name on the screen.

        3. Volunteer says "Got it, Go"

      2. Other important details of the event.

        1. What to wear.

        2. Stay hydrated.


  1. Charge all school devices the night before the event.

  2. Practice using the Join a Live Session feature if you are planning to have other devices or volunteers assist in scanning.

    1. Additional devices and volunteers joining need either WiFi or cellular service at the time they Join a Live Session but do not need WiFi or cell service to scan ID cards.

  3. Practice setting the device to Stay Awake so it doesn’t go to sleep while scanning.

    • iOS Instructions

      • Go to Settings

      • Scroll down and tap Display & Brightness.

      • Select Auto-Lock.

      • Select Never

    • Android

      • Go to Settings

      • Then to Display

      • Scroll to find Screen Time

      • Set to 5 minute

During the Event

Event Volunteers

Assisting with Scanning:

  1. Need to download the Marathon Kids Connect Scanner App if using personal devices

  2. Teach volunteers how to scan ID cards.

    1. Volunteers should either:

      1. hear the scanner app "bing" when the scan is captured

      2. feel the device vibrate when the scan is captured or

      3. see the student's name on the screen when the scan is captured.

  3. Teach how to stop scanning properly to sync that session.

Assisting with other parts of the event:

  1. Review processes.

  2. Answer questions.

  3. Say "Thank you" for their willingness to volunteer.


Set devices to "stay awake" so the screen doesn't go to sleep during scanning.

Plan to charge devices during event breaks if needed.

Place devices or volunteers in the shade to scan if possible.

How many devices can Join a Live Session?

There is no limit that we are aware of. But we encourage the master device that starts the live session to share that responsibility with other supporters. Allow up to 8 devices to join.

  • If you have more than 8 devices scanning; have another supporter log in start a live session and have other devices join that live session.

Start Scanning

All devices and volunteers are ready to scan as kids approach starting line.

  1. Remember Join Live Session feature needs WiFi or cellular service to initially Join a Live Session.

    1. You do not need WiFi to scan ID cards.

  1. Turn the volume up on devices to the highest setting so the volunteers and students hear it when the QR code is officially scanned.

Stop Scanning

When the volunteers/devices scan their last student ID card for that class period instruct them to stay where they are and not start walking toward the building.



    • the device with WiFi or cell service will receive a green checkmark and the scans synced.

    • devices with no WiFi will get a “No Internet” Message.

      • Those scans are stored in the Log History on each device and can be resubmitted once the device has WiFi or cellular service.

Resubmitting Failed Syncs

Resubmitting failed syncs can be done at any time once WiFi is established.

Before volunteers leave the event, be sure all sessions on their personal devices are synced.

How to Resubmit.

  1. Confirm the device has WiFi or cell service.

  2. Open the log history

    1. Main Device: check the tracks and activity page of the app

    2. Devices that Joined a Live Session: check the login page of the app.

  3. Click Resubmit

*Click here to learn more about where is the log history for different types of use cases.

After the Event

Review the Data

Choose the Event track and narrow the date range to the event date to review data and prep to celebrate.

  • View total miles for the club

  • Check to see progress towards club goal.

  • See the top 5 participants in the club, class, or grade by filtering the dashboard.


Share the data with everyone!

Celebrate participant achievements!

Thank your volunteers!

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