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Reserving budget for future recurring expenses
Reserving budget for future recurring expenses

The perfect solution to avoid overspending when dealing with leasing invoices

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Budget reservations immediately deduct all future amounts from a budget. Put some budget aside for the future so you're never short of money to pay your mobility expenses. Avoid unpleasant surprises later in the year 😲

Some examples of how people are using reservations:

  • Anticipating future leasing invoices

  • Reserving budget for your housing rent

How to reserve future recurring expenses

  1. Click on Add expense

  2. Select Recurring expense

  3. Add your title and first execution date

  4. Tick "Yes" under Reserve future expenses
    ☝️ Attention: leasing invoices most often don't need to be reimbursed to the employee. So don't forget to select the option non reimbursable

  5. Click on Save. This directly deducts all future expenses from the budget and avoids overspending. You can always edit the individual expenses later if the expected amount was different from the real amount

How to check your reserved amounts

  1. Go to your profile (if you're an admin, go to an employee's profile)

  2. Click on Budgets. You will see your Reserved budget. This is the sum of all future recurring expenses with reservations. They are already deducted from your remaining budget. But if you spend less in reality, you will free up reserved budget again
    If you have no active reservations, then nothing will be displayed

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