Mbrella allows you to track mobility consumption in real-time. Monitor the current status of your employees' annual mobility budget and review their mobility expenses. With only a few simple clicks.

What are expenses?

Mbrella allows you to manage expenses in the Expenses tab. Whenever an expense is added it shows up in the "all expenses" list. Where the following information is displayed:

Expense terminology you'll want to know

Expense Category

Mobility expenses can range from an eco-friendly car, a bike to housing costs.

We've made sure only mobility-related expenses allowed within the mobility budget regulation can be added to Mbrella.

Tip: If you want to deduct the Mbrella usage fee from the mobility budget of your employees, select the category 'usage fee' in the dropdown.

Expense Status

The status is either: approved, pending, or refused.
Once an expense is created, it will be awaiting approval from the mobility manager.

Tip: Only approved expenses will be sent to your payroll provider. If you want to reimburse them on the next payslip, approve them before payroll closing.


When an expense is added manually, the partner is stated as 'Mbrella'.

Expenses that are automatically added via integration with one of our partners, will be visible under the partner name (e.g. Skipr, MyMove, Modalizy).

Expense Type

There are three expense types: private, mixed, and pro.

  1. Private: for private travel and commuting. These are fully deducted from the mobility budget.
    For example: using a rental car to go on holiday or to commute to work.

  2. Mixed: for a combination of private & professional travel. Only part of the expenses is deducted from the mobility budget, i.e. the delta between the employee and employer amount.
    For example, using a rental car partly for a customer visit and partly for holiday.

  3. Pro: for purely professional travel. These are not deducted from the mobility budget.
    For example, using a rental car purely to visit a customer.

Actions you'll want to take

  • Click the thumbs up, thumbs down to approve or refuse an expense

  • Click 'edit' to modify pending expenses or delete them

You can edit expenses as long as they are not sent to payroll. Once sent, they can't be edited anymore.

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