Connect Mbrella to Officient. You can import and sync your company and employee data

I am a new Mbrella customer who also uses Officient

  1. Go to your Settings and click on Connect

  2. Click on Officient and then on Connect to Officient

  3. Log in on Officient (Use your Securex account to log in)

  4. Authorize access to Mbrella

  5. Wait until the Importing status changes to Imported

  6. Once imported, you'll see your employees, their details and your company data added to Mbrella

See it in action here 👇

I am already using Mbrella as an Officient-customer

Contact us for now via chat. We'll connect your Officient users to your existing Mbrella users. Once that's done, you'll be enjoying the benefits of the Officient integration

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