By integrating with your social secretary, we ensure the mobility budget of your employees is treated correctly and automatically from a payroll perspective. Saving you hours of administration.

How to download or send a payroll export

  1. Approve all pending expenses first. Pending expenses won't be included in the export

  2. Once that's done, navigate to your Payroll module in the side bar

  3. In your top right corner, indicate the payroll period. This will filter on all expenses that have not yet been sent to your payroll, up till your selected month

  4. Select the employees and expenses you want to include in your export
    💡 Tip: you can double-check an employee's expenses by clicking on the row. This will show you all expenses that have not yet been sent (and should be)

If there's an active integration between Mbrella and your social secretary:

  1. Click on Send to my social secretary

  2. All done! Your expenses are automatically pushed to your social secretary

If there's no direct integration between Mbrella and your social secretary (your Mbrella account manager will tell you if this is the case):

  1. Click on Export to CSV and you'll land on your Payroll export history

  2. Open the menu of the payroll period you want to download and click on Download CSV

  3. Send this CSV file to your social secretary. Or add the budget amounts to your payroll management tool using the mobility budget pay code.

This is how the CSV file looks like:

Mobility payroll CSV export example

Once exported or sent, an expense's payroll status will change from Pending to Sent. You can see this as the Payroll status on an expense's details. Read here how.

☝️ Attention: you can only send 1 export per payroll period. If you need multiple exports per payroll period, reach out to us in the chat and we'll help you out.

Which expenses are included in the export?

Any expense with payroll impact:

  • Approved expenses that need to be reimbursed to the employee

  • Approved expenses that require a tax declaration

Of course, we filter out any expenses that were already sent to the payroll.

How to view your payroll export history

  1. Navigate to your Payroll module in the side bar and click on History

  2. Here, you have a list of all payroll exports. You can download them and see what was exported

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