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Go to your Settings and click on Payroll to setup your payroll connection

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Including salary benefits in your payroll can be painful. Mbrella integrates with social secretaries to ensure that your mobility is treated correctly and automatically from a payroll perspective. This saves you hours of administration.

How to setup your payroll connection

  1. Go to Settings and then click on Payroll

  2. Select your payroll provider. Is yours not in the list? Then select 'Generic Export'

  3. Select which export method you want. This can differ depending on your payroll provider. It's possible you have multiple export options for the same payroll provider. It should be clear from the title and description which option you should take. Not sure? Chat with our experts via the messenger icon in your right bottom corner. They'll be able to tell you

  4. (This step depends on the social secretary you have chosen)
    Complete your company payroll ID and your payroll connection credentials. Don't have this? Your contact person at your social secretary can give you this

  5. (This step depends on the social secretary you have chosen)
    Complete your mobility salary codes. Ask your payroll contact person about it. Multiple descriptions can have the same code. Copy one of our prepared e-mails to send to your payroll contact person

  6. Complete any missing payroll IDs of employees. The ID allows your social secretary to identify the right employee.

You're good to go! Now you can export payroll files via your Payroll module. Read more about it here

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