If you're a Partena customer, there are multiple ways to connect your payroll with Mbrella. The easiest is a direct integration with the Partena SAM-tool, but this has a set-up fee at Partena-side. If you prefer not to pay their set-up fee, then you can import a Partena-compatible payroll file for all your employees at once. Then you don't have to enter payroll data employee by employee.

📥 How to download your Partena-compatible payroll export file

  1. Follow these steps

  2. Go to your payroll history

  3. Open the menu of the payroll period you want to download. Click on Download in Partena format

📤 How to upload your payroll file to Partena

  1. Log in on your Partena account

  2. Save your downloaded payroll file in the correct folder \\aspfs1\NslTrav\X8BYNK\User_Group\ClockFile\Autojob and under the correct name PARTENA_EXPORT_DOSSIER.CSV

  3. Log in to the Clock module

  4. Import the payroll file

    1. First select the menu Detail

    2. Then go to Import > Interface

    3. Select the interface "Import mobility budget"

    4. Click on Execute

  5. Inject the imported payroll file
    After uploading the data, they must be injected into the payroll. This is also done via the Clock module.

    1. First select the menu Detail

    2. Then go to Injection > Interface

    3. Select the interface "Read in mobility budget"

    4. Click on Execute

First you need to click the button below to verify the data.

After verification, first the result of the check will be shown (1 = the records found to be OK, 2 = the errors). Finally, click on INJECT (3) to inject.

❓ Have any errors?

Error messages (see Point 2 on the screenshot above) will also be written to E:\User_Group\ClockFile\Autojob\Log_autojob and are available via the Group Folders

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