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What if the legal mobility budget is exceeded?
What if the legal mobility budget is exceeded?

In some situations, overconsumption of the mobility budget is possible. The employee will need to pay back the amount he overspent.

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In some situations, it is possible for employees to exceed the legal mobility budget. This can happen when an employee:

  • leaves the company before the end-date of his mobility budget

  • takes up a new position with a smaller company car according to the current pay policy

  • takes up a new position to which a company car is no longer linked

The employer will need to claim back the exceeded amount. After the request, the employee needs to repay the amount within 30 days.

The same goes when the employee has used the mobility budget for expenses that are not allowed.

How to proceed?

Follow these steps to add a negative expense in Mbrella to claim back the amount.

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