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Discover the Mobility Hub

Activate mobility benefits for your employees via the Mobility Hub

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Say goodbye to static mobility policies. The Mobility Hub is your gateway to the mobility ecosystem. Replace static pdf files with dynamic and modular Mobility Benefits and compose a flexible mobility plan for your employees.

Best thing? The Mobility Hub is not limited to employees within the federal mobility budget. You can even activate mobility benefits for employees without a budget.
For example, buy a train subscription with the 3rd party payer system for employees who are not entitled to a company car or activate the bike allowance.

The features of the Mobility Hub

💶 Allowances

Incentivize your employees to bike to work. Lower your ecological footprint by activating the bike allowance.

Reimburse professional and commute trips done with private transport. Employees report their rides in Mbrella via the car & scooter allowance.

Or activate the pedestrian, carpool, or homeworking allowance.

🚙 Bike leasing and fleet sharing

Book a car from your company’s shared fleet via the MyMove mobile app, or. discover bike lease options with Joule.

🚆 Public transport

Activate third-party payer train subscriptions for your employees. Employees can order public transport subscriptions themselves in Mbrella, which means less workload for you. Follow-up on your company's subscriptions and their costs via an overview.

💳 Mbrella Pay

Thanks to Mbrella Pay, employees can make their mobility expenses directly through the card. They no longer need to be reimbursed, and as HR you save time as these expenses do not need to be approved.

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