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Import your payroll export to SD Worx (mysdworx)
Import your payroll export to SD Worx (mysdworx)

Download your payroll export in Mbrella. Then, go to SD Worx Payroll and click on Import time registration

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Including salary benefits in your payroll can be a pain. You either have to manually add salary data for each employee. Or you have to pay an expensive fee to your payroll provider so they do it themselves.

Skip all this by importing an SD Worx-compatible payroll file for all your employees at once.

📥 How to download your SD Worx-compatible payroll export file

  1. Follow these steps

  2. Go to your payroll history

  3. Open the menu of the payroll period you want to download. Click on Download in SD Worx format

👉🏼 Tip: in case of an error when downloading in SD Worx format, check your SD Worx Company ID and Employee ID in your payroll settings. Both should exist of 7 characters. Your SD Worx Company ID will typically have this format: 1Ab1234

📤 How to upload your payroll file to SD Worx

  1. Log in on mysdworx

  2. Go to your Payroll module

  3. In your Quick Actions, click on Import time registration (also available via Company)

  4. Click on Select file and select the Mbrella payroll export you downloaded earlier. Make sure you select the txt format and not the CSV

  5. Upload the file. It may take some time to upload, do not refresh the page in the meantime.

  6. You get an overview of the employees and the salary amounts you wish to import. Select all employees and click on Save

All done! Now, your mobility payroll data will be added to the One-off wage components of your employees' Monthly calendar.

❓ Have any errors?

If the SD Worx system is unable to process certain data correctly, you will be notified of this and the concerned employees will be marked in red. More details can be found in your SD Worx' Notifications tab.

It's best to reach out to your SD Worx contact person if you can't resolve the issue.


  • Make sure that your SD Worx contact person activated the necessary pay codes first

  • Check there is only 1 file listed in 'Active files'. If there are two files, then you cannot process the last new one. You have to process or cancel the old one first.

  • Employees that are not highlighted in red can always be uploaded

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