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Should I lease my company bike with my mobility budget?
Should I lease my company bike with my mobility budget?

A comparison is made between bike leasing paid with the mobility budget and bike leasing via a salary sacrifice.

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Ground rules

Employees who already received a company bicycle via salary sacrifice three months before the start of their mobility budget can keep it alongside the mobility budget.

Employees who received this benefit for less than three months or not at all before their mobility budget, may only lease the company bike via their mobility budget.

The employer can oblige employees with a mobility budget to lease the company bike always via the mobility budget. As employee you always need to check first if you have the option to choose the method of bike leasing.

Underneath you can find a practical example where bike leasing via salary sacrifice is compared with bike leasing via mobility budget. Exactly how big the benefit/difference is depends on gross salary, family situation, purchase price of bicycle, etc.

A practical example

Keith wants to lease a new electrical company bike for 2,500 euros. He has a monthly gross wage of 2,500 euros and a mobility budget. Keith received from his employer already a company bike three years before the start of his mobility budget.

If he uses his gross wage to lease the company bike, he will have a tax benefit of 1,641.26 euro compared to a private purchase via own salary.

If he uses his mobility budget, he needs to pay 316.28 euros less in withholding tax and 326.75 euros less in social contributions compared to a private purchase. So the total tax benefit is here 643.03 euros.

Thus employees who still qualify for the salary sacrifice principle are best to use this (further).

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