Tips: Copy & Pasting Content into Articles

Getting different types of content into the editor and tricks on how to do it.

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Med App is built to make it as easy as possible for clinicians to access the information they need to be capable confident and efficient in their work. This means having information that is easy to read and accessible.

We use the 'Rich Text' article type to upload text, table and image content in a simple, easy to read style that is formatted for mobile. PLUS, it is also accessible offline! So you can still get to it if you have no mobile reception or wifi.

When uploading rich text content we recommend copying from a word doc or similar. If asked to 'clean' or 'keep' the word formatting, click 'clean'. This is because it makes it easier to work with in the editor, and provides a simple format for the clinicians editing on mobile.

This may mean having to make a couple tweaks like adding some bullet points or font colours, but will make for a better result when clinicians are accessing it on the app.

๐Ÿ”ฅHot tip: If you have any questions about using the rich text editor, get in touch using the live chat button in the bottom right!

Check out the quick video showing how to do this below.

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