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How to automatically setup a linked table of contents within a rich text article in Med App

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Med App can automatically create a linked table of contents panel for quick inside an article in the app. All you need to do is use the heading format options in the rich text editor


Using the rich text article type is a way to provide clinicians with offline first access to useful information. It is easy to read and designed specifically for mobile and tablet.

Sometimes you may want to upload a document or piece of content that is very long with a number of different sections. This can make navigation difficult. The table of contents feature automatically generates a contents panel with links that allows users to jump to the relevant section.


  • When creating a rich text article make sure you use the 'Heading 1' and 'Heading 2' formatting options to separate sections.

  • Save the article.

  • Check it out in the mobile to see how it works.

For more info on uploading and formatting rich text content read our articles on creating content and adding rich text articles:

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