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An overview of the best way to manage content on Med App

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Below are some of the key articles to consider to help get you started managing content in Med App.

What should I add to Med App?

Med App is not a repository for all hospital content, instead think of it as readily accessible abbreviated resources for mobile devices. Consider the 80/20 rule below.

How do you identify what clinicians need to do their jobs effectively?

  • Ask them! (Seriously) Informal conversations and post teaching discussions are some of the best ways to find out what is useful

  • Hospitals with the best clinician engagement & culture have a clinical lead as part of a working group (Senior & junior input is best)

  • Make it official - Create a leadership committee with junior and senior clinicians

  • Engage with heads of departments - for a more formal review

Med App rich text editor

The Med App text editor or rich text is a great way to add content to the app that is

  1. Available offline

  2. Optimised specifically for mobile devices

  3. Contents page generated automatically

  4. Tracks edit history

  5. Set review dates

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